Saturday, 20 July 2013

Lead Rescue - TSR Star Frontiers Player Character

A semi regular post on the rescuing of old minis.

TSR miniatures are notorious for two things - lead rot, and the questionable sculpting on their human minis. Nevertheless, I thought I might have a crack at rescuing one of these old sculpts, so that she can see some use on the gaming table once more. My intention is to make a space crew with a mix of old minis, possibly for AE bounty or Infinity.

Here she is, painted from a black undercoat, dry brushed grey and then white, and black washed. Colors were then lightly built up from there, ala Dave King's tutorials. 

Heaps of pulpy retro character, the face was tough as the features were so fine.

Some neat details including a little rocket pack and grenade

I painted the hood to have some glowing lights around it - possibly a force field generator over the hood, to allow operation in vacuum. 

The rest of the crew so far...

The lead rescue will continue...