Thursday 20 November 2014

Five Parsecs From Home - Skirmish Board


Inspired by Tiny Solitary Soldiers and Planet Ares IV,  my 6mm skirmish Sci Fi project has finally started moving again.

The intention with this project was always to play a galaxy-trotting adventure similar to Dan Abnett's Eisenhorn and Ravenor. Why 6mm?  Well to me it was a perfect scale to do this in, as I could quickly and easily come up with terrain vastly different from each other to represent the far-flung reaches of the galaxy. Plans include a snowy mountain top research base, a Adeptus Mechanicus manufactorum, and a spaceport ala Mos Eiselly. 6mm allows me to realize these locations without breaking the bank. It is also still a scale where individual characteristics can still be easily recognized, provided they are quality sculpts and well painted. Whole retinues can be put together cheaply, and everything can be packed away in a small space. If I roll up something I don't have painted, it can be easily dealt with in an evening painting. They are also perfect for solo gaming, as it can be played sitting down at the kitchen table.

To begin with, I would like to present my first terrain set. It is a desert world moisture farm, it definitely needs some more buildings but I have a research station almost complete, and some middle eastern buildings from eureka/irregular. Boards are cork tile, with some scattered sand and some texture hacked in. Fences are flywire mesh, rocks are thicker cork placemats covered in spackle, and buildings are just random junk and old toys.

In my next post I will be detailing my Five Parsecs From Home crew, and their spaceship too.


The Baron

Friday 28 February 2014


The beginnings of my Strange Aeons project - a West Wind Productions miniature from the latest Requiem Kickstarter. This mini was heaps of fun to paint and had bags of character. I am not sure if it is a Kickstarter exclusive or not, hopefully not as I would love to see more of him out there. I actually see a fair bit of crossover here - my previously painted masked thugs would make excellent cultists for Strange Aeons, as they aren't particularly era-specific either.

Cheers, Adama

Monday 24 February 2014

Empire of the dead - order of the dragon

Well I have finally completed a project. The excellent new empire of the dead order of the dragon. My crew consists of the masked thugs, kickstarter stretch goal minis - Raphael and the Phantom, and an old GW blood dragon model. I was not a fan of the new eotd vampire models which are just lounging around - doesn't make for a vey dynamic looking battlefield. The masked thugs were fun to  paint, if a little fiddly - especially the transitions between puffy shirt and coat, and the eyes - I think there are eyelids sculpted which frankly makes them very difficult to paint, especially if they are within the mask recesses. The cobblestone bases were sculpted using kneadite, which needs to be handled in small amounts as it sets so quickly. 
Hand crossbows are from mordheim. 

Group shot

An angry medieval vampire

Raphael - looks a lot like Angelus, sweet bill hook axes

My favorite from the group

The phantom with added crossbow

I would high recommend West Wind models, and the rules are great fun too! Best Kickstarter service I have had, lots of freebies, and quick delivery, postage and crisp castings. I eagerly await the secrets of the third reich kickstarter!


Monday 6 January 2014

All things zombie - welcome to the suburbs

Mega update!


After a long break on my atz terrain, I spent a fair chunk of the holidays working on my terrain. I am now pleased to present my first suburban tile, two houses, one with a playable interior. The Walking Dead has got be keen to start playing, so hopefully more updated soon, and an aar / battle report!

Removable roof

Upstairs bedrooms, toilet and attic access

Downstairs kitchen and tv room

People should've used a coaster!

Mess in the kitchen - has something happened here?

More to follow, I have been working on a bunch of smashed cars, as well as all the buildings below
City apartments, barns, gas station, and domestic houses

Alley has a chain link fence to climb over

Anyone for tennis? Vases will get some plants in them

And a very WIP view of the suburb, houses only have a rattle can undercoat

Until next time,

Wednesday 11 September 2013

Rogue Trader Ultramarine Veteran

My first rogue trader era space marine painted up. This is a prototype for my army. The armour was quick and easy to do, and was inspired by Quindia Studios guide. 
Check out that bayonet!

Lots of fun little details - and of course the classic 'kil' 

Until next time

Wednesday 4 September 2013

All things zombie suburban terrain

Hi all, some WIP terrain for all things zombie. They are HO scale model kits, with lots of greeblies added, to suit 15mm. Getting closer to a full 4x2 suburb table, then I can begin my solo ATZ terrain!
'Modern' architecture

The second building is an apartment building, proxie models kit

The third block has one house with a playable interior

Upstairs with attic access for sniping

Downstairs kitchen and living room. Stairs, while not exactly realistic, will allow models to sit on them. 

Until next time,