Friday, 5 July 2013

Secrets of the Third Reich werewolf

After the enjoyable kickstarter for empire of the dead, west wind have convinced me that they are on the top of their game. With the knowledge that the secrets of the third reich kickstarter is happening later this year, I have got in early by beginning a US force. 

First off the blocks is this Reaper miniatures not-teen wolf (photo from reaper website, sorry for the quality). Got him for about $4 on sale
A fetching track suit or tight jeans combo going on here. Not very WW2. Needs some new threads and some firepower.

Ok time to break out the greenstuff
Flight jacket was made with some green stuff to the collar and the sleeves.

 Some cuffs were added to the pants to get rid of that skinny jeans look

Hinting at a pre werewolf history. Guns and pouches from warlord games us sprue, which I have got to begin my troops with.

While I know nothing about the game (and don't want to bother getting the rulebook now that it is about to be superseded), I have been told he will make an excellent sentinel.

Until next time, Adama

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