Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Rogue Trader Ultramarine Veteran

My first rogue trader era space marine painted up. This is a prototype for my army. The armour was quick and easy to do, and was inspired by Quindia Studios guide. 
Check out that bayonet!

Lots of fun little details - and of course the classic 'kil' 

Until next time

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

All things zombie suburban terrain

Hi all, some WIP terrain for all things zombie. They are HO scale model kits, with lots of greeblies added, to suit 15mm. Getting closer to a full 4x2 suburb table, then I can begin my solo ATZ terrain!
'Modern' architecture

The second building is an apartment building, proxie models kit

The third block has one house with a playable interior

Upstairs with attic access for sniping

Downstairs kitchen and living room. Stairs, while not exactly realistic, will allow models to sit on them. 

Until next time,

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Lead Rescue - TSR Star Frontiers Player Character

A semi regular post on the rescuing of old minis.

TSR miniatures are notorious for two things - lead rot, and the questionable sculpting on their human minis. Nevertheless, I thought I might have a crack at rescuing one of these old sculpts, so that she can see some use on the gaming table once more. My intention is to make a space crew with a mix of old minis, possibly for AE bounty or Infinity.

Here she is, painted from a black undercoat, dry brushed grey and then white, and black washed. Colors were then lightly built up from there, ala Dave King's tutorials. 

Heaps of pulpy retro character, the face was tough as the features were so fine.

Some neat details including a little rocket pack and grenade

I painted the hood to have some glowing lights around it - possibly a force field generator over the hood, to allow operation in vacuum. 

The rest of the crew so far...

The lead rescue will continue...


Friday, 5 July 2013

Secrets of the Third Reich werewolf

After the enjoyable kickstarter for empire of the dead, west wind have convinced me that they are on the top of their game. With the knowledge that the secrets of the third reich kickstarter is happening later this year, I have got in early by beginning a US force. 

First off the blocks is this Reaper miniatures not-teen wolf (photo from reaper website, sorry for the quality). Got him for about $4 on sale
A fetching track suit or tight jeans combo going on here. Not very WW2. Needs some new threads and some firepower.

Ok time to break out the greenstuff
Flight jacket was made with some green stuff to the collar and the sleeves.

 Some cuffs were added to the pants to get rid of that skinny jeans look

Hinting at a pre werewolf history. Guns and pouches from warlord games us sprue, which I have got to begin my troops with.

While I know nothing about the game (and don't want to bother getting the rulebook now that it is about to be superseded), I have been told he will make an excellent sentinel.

Until next time, Adama

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

All things zombie

This is the beginnings of my all things zombie collection. I have gone for 15mm, as there is ready access to 'conventional' terrain in HO scale which is a pretty good match. You can get some pretty good suburban houses, restaurants, town halls and so on, which gives the game a much more realistic vibe. 

Not walking dead from Khurusan 

Rick and his partner explore a disturbance

Cheap ebay 1:100 cars from a Chinese seller, we_honest. These have been repainted and the lights added. Not a fan of see through windows or glossy paint jobs in this scale. 

Zombie containment team from Khurasan 
And some added firepower. 

Plenty more to come.

Cheers Adama

Saturday, 22 June 2013

In the 'Epic' Emperor's Name - Part 2

Well some more progress has been made on my 6mm sci fi skirmish project. I have now completed the beginnings of my inquisitorial retinue 
Confessor Gaius, Inquisitor Aurelius Thor, and Brother Caprica, Imperial Fists veteran.

The Inquisitor. A conversion using a Commissar body, ratling head, green stuff bionic eye and hood. Ratling head will also make a great space marine sergeant head.

Chaos cultist body, commissar head, khorne beserker chainsword (eviscerator), and green stuff hood and shoulder pad

Imperial fist veteran converted from a chaos marine. Has a Corvus variant shoulder pad, made with tiny glass beads. Will post a conversion step by step soon.

The chaos models have excellent detail,
Particularly when compared to the original space marines. They have the added bonus of being 8mm scale, so look awesome and 'true scale' next to humans, perfect for skirmish games.

Next step is a deathwatch kill team, and some adversaries for them to fight against. 

Until next time,

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Blood bowl pitch complete!

After a frantic week of painting, I finished my Orc team and pitch just in time for the tournament. I was generally happy how everything turned out. Numbers for the tournament were extremely poor, so it turned into casual games. I played my first game in at least 10 years, and really enjoyed it. Lucky really - probably should have played a few sample games before building a custom pitch and painting a team!
Completed pitch - a decrepit dwarven pitch rediscovers after many long years

Game in progress

Casualties mount up - hot tip, pay a visit to your local craft store, and grab some cheap felt. Red has been cut up to look like blood puddles, and it protects your minis from damage when lying down. I made generic grey ones for when the model was just knocked down.
My opponent's awesome humans

A mean foul play
Flank rush for a touchdown

Touchdown! (My first and only)

Will get some proper photos of the team up when I get my light box set up.


Saturday, 8 June 2013

6mm In the 'Epic' Emperor's Name

Inspired by Javier At War's amazing 6mm skirmish, and Angel Barracks inroads into 6mm skirmish, I have begun a small side project. The aim is solo In the Emperor's Name. I have a good bank of epic minis, which have provided the basis of the forces so far. Beginning with some imperial guard jump troopers 

Next up we have some normal imperial forces

And now the really crazy stuff, 6mm inquisitor and retinue, including head and weapon swaps and some green stuff work. Marine is a converted Chaos Marine, he has a studded shoulder plate made with micro glass beads. Painted pics soon
Stock beast man, ogryn, bodyguard with shotgun and power glance, and the inquisitor himself.
Acolyte with bionic eye, preacher with eviscerator, ratling sniper (with sculpted head) and space marine

A very enjoyable scale to work at! Until next time,

Friday, 31 May 2013

Blood Bowl Pitch - W.I.P.


Well my blood bowl pitch is well under way, with this project being spurred on by an upcoming tournament - nothing like a deadline to push a product along. 

Basic construction - mdf, pine for the walks, and cork tile cut into squares. Vines are string soaked in glue

And WIP of the painting in progress

Should be finished by the end of the week.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Welcome to Logan's World

Welcome to Return to Logan's World, an eclectic hobby blog to chronicle my various projects. No scale or manufacturer is off limits, the rule of cool wins every time. 

Upcoming posts will include 6mm scifi skirmish, 15mm scifi
Including a 15mm scale city for Ghosts of Hefei,
Empire of the dead, fanticide, secrets of the 
Third reich, and many others.
The blog will also focus on my old-school
Rogue Trader army, which includes 
Original space marines, squats, inquisitors,
Mutants and other random minis.