Monday, 6 January 2014

All things zombie - welcome to the suburbs

Mega update!


After a long break on my atz terrain, I spent a fair chunk of the holidays working on my terrain. I am now pleased to present my first suburban tile, two houses, one with a playable interior. The Walking Dead has got be keen to start playing, so hopefully more updated soon, and an aar / battle report!

Removable roof

Upstairs bedrooms, toilet and attic access

Downstairs kitchen and tv room

People should've used a coaster!

Mess in the kitchen - has something happened here?

More to follow, I have been working on a bunch of smashed cars, as well as all the buildings below
City apartments, barns, gas station, and domestic houses

Alley has a chain link fence to climb over

Anyone for tennis? Vases will get some plants in them

And a very WIP view of the suburb, houses only have a rattle can undercoat

Until next time,


  1. Wow that is a great table, so much detail that I can't tell it's 15mm.

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  3. Amazing detail in the interior but is it still playable ? Very nice project I'll follow with attention. I also really like your cop car.