Monday, 24 February 2014

Empire of the dead - order of the dragon

Well I have finally completed a project. The excellent new empire of the dead order of the dragon. My crew consists of the masked thugs, kickstarter stretch goal minis - Raphael and the Phantom, and an old GW blood dragon model. I was not a fan of the new eotd vampire models which are just lounging around - doesn't make for a vey dynamic looking battlefield. The masked thugs were fun to  paint, if a little fiddly - especially the transitions between puffy shirt and coat, and the eyes - I think there are eyelids sculpted which frankly makes them very difficult to paint, especially if they are within the mask recesses. The cobblestone bases were sculpted using kneadite, which needs to be handled in small amounts as it sets so quickly. 
Hand crossbows are from mordheim. 

Group shot

An angry medieval vampire

Raphael - looks a lot like Angelus, sweet bill hook axes

My favorite from the group

The phantom with added crossbow

I would high recommend West Wind models, and the rules are great fun too! Best Kickstarter service I have had, lots of freebies, and quick delivery, postage and crisp castings. I eagerly await the secrets of the third reich kickstarter!


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