Saturday, 8 June 2013

6mm In the 'Epic' Emperor's Name

Inspired by Javier At War's amazing 6mm skirmish, and Angel Barracks inroads into 6mm skirmish, I have begun a small side project. The aim is solo In the Emperor's Name. I have a good bank of epic minis, which have provided the basis of the forces so far. Beginning with some imperial guard jump troopers 

Next up we have some normal imperial forces

And now the really crazy stuff, 6mm inquisitor and retinue, including head and weapon swaps and some green stuff work. Marine is a converted Chaos Marine, he has a studded shoulder plate made with micro glass beads. Painted pics soon
Stock beast man, ogryn, bodyguard with shotgun and power glance, and the inquisitor himself.
Acolyte with bionic eye, preacher with eviscerator, ratling sniper (with sculpted head) and space marine

A very enjoyable scale to work at! Until next time,

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