Saturday, 22 June 2013

In the 'Epic' Emperor's Name - Part 2

Well some more progress has been made on my 6mm sci fi skirmish project. I have now completed the beginnings of my inquisitorial retinue 
Confessor Gaius, Inquisitor Aurelius Thor, and Brother Caprica, Imperial Fists veteran.

The Inquisitor. A conversion using a Commissar body, ratling head, green stuff bionic eye and hood. Ratling head will also make a great space marine sergeant head.

Chaos cultist body, commissar head, khorne beserker chainsword (eviscerator), and green stuff hood and shoulder pad

Imperial fist veteran converted from a chaos marine. Has a Corvus variant shoulder pad, made with tiny glass beads. Will post a conversion step by step soon.

The chaos models have excellent detail,
Particularly when compared to the original space marines. They have the added bonus of being 8mm scale, so look awesome and 'true scale' next to humans, perfect for skirmish games.

Next step is a deathwatch kill team, and some adversaries for them to fight against. 

Until next time,

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