Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Blood bowl pitch complete!

After a frantic week of painting, I finished my Orc team and pitch just in time for the tournament. I was generally happy how everything turned out. Numbers for the tournament were extremely poor, so it turned into casual games. I played my first game in at least 10 years, and really enjoyed it. Lucky really - probably should have played a few sample games before building a custom pitch and painting a team!
Completed pitch - a decrepit dwarven pitch rediscovers after many long years

Game in progress

Casualties mount up - hot tip, pay a visit to your local craft store, and grab some cheap felt. Red has been cut up to look like blood puddles, and it protects your minis from damage when lying down. I made generic grey ones for when the model was just knocked down.
My opponent's awesome humans

A mean foul play
Flank rush for a touchdown

Touchdown! (My first and only)

Will get some proper photos of the team up when I get my light box set up.


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